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Fever Information


    Fever is a common concern for many parents.  When your baby is first born, fever can signify serious bacterial illness.  Temperatures over 100.4 rectally in an infant under 3 months always need immediate investigation.  


     As babies get older and vaccinated, fever takes on a different significance.  Fever is considered any temperature over 101.  It is the body's natural response to infection and helps our bodies to clear them.  It is very important to keep your baby/child well hydrated with as much fluid as they will drink. Monitor that they urinate at least 3-4 times daily and that they have some periods where they are awake and alert.  


     We treat fevers to help our young ones to feel better.  Often, when their temperatures are elevated, they are more sleepy and don't want to drink. Treating the fever not only helps them to feel better, but makes them more liekly to drink fluids.


     Fever may also be significant for infants and children with complex health issues.  You should always contact us if you have a question about your child and their unique healthcare needs. 

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