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Many parents view well-child visits as a time for scheduled vaccinations and to see how much your child has grown. Well-child visits are also an excellent opportunity to evaluate your child’s development, behavior and general well-being.  Vaccines are an important key in maintaining your child's health and are safe and effective.  We follow the Center for Disease Control and the American Academy of Pediatrics vaccine schedule. We strongly believe that vaccines are safe and effective.   Our clinicians  want parents to be comfortable with the care their child is receiving and is happy to discuss any questions families have.   You can find more information about vaccines in our parent resource section.    

We are happy to fill out school or sports participation forms during well-child visits and have them available in our office or with our other forms.   The parent/athlete portion of the sports forms must be completed before we can complete our part. 





Congratulations!  We are excited to meet the newest member of your family.  Our clinicians do not follow babies while they are in the hospital, but we have great relationships with all of the area hospitalists.  The hospitalists will examine your baby directly after birth and care for them until discharge.  They will also help you schedule your first appointment in our office. This is usually 24-48 hours after discharge. It is helpful to bring any paperwork from the hospital to your first visit.  


We are also happy to meet prospective parents to get to know our office and providers before the birth of your baby.

Newborn Care...



Our clinicians are prepared to diagnose and treat common pediatric medical problems and injuries. We also have extensive experience caring for children with complex health needs like: asthma, premature infants and former preemies, autism, developmental or chromosomal abnormalities, cerebral palsy, multiple medical problems, or ADHD.  Our office can help parents coordinate care plans with their sub-specialists as well and provide a medical home for children with complex medical needs.  It is important to have regular follow-up visits with Bristow Pediatrics to help manage chronic illness and ensure optimal health for your child. 


               Common Pediatric Illnesses

Comprehensive Care...

As part of our commitment to provide the best pediatric care, we offer a wide range of additional tests. These tests, available to all patients, are part of our comprehensive pediatric care. They include:


  • Breastfeeding Management - Our clinicians have extensive training in breastfeeding and we have a breast-feeding friendly office with special space for nursing moms.

  • ADHD and Behavioral Evaluations and Management - Dr. Dolan can discuss and help with behavioral concerns, no matter what their source.  She has extensive experience with a wide range of ADHD treatments including stimulant and non-stimulant medications and complementary therapies. 

  • Mental Health Evaluation and Management - Dr. Dolan has completed additional training to accurately diagnose and treat most mental health disorders.  She can provide mental health medical management and coordinate care with therapists.

  • Hearing Screens or otoacoustic emissions test – a test that measures sound waves produced in the inner ear. A tiny probe is placed just inside the ear canal, which then measures the response when clicks or tones are played into a child’s ear.  This test may be used with children as young as newborns as it does not require the child's cooperation.

  • Pediavision Spot Vision Screening - In seconds, Spot provides a comprehensive, reliable screening for near-sightedness, far-sightedness, astigmatism, strabismus or eye misalignment, and pupil size deviations.  The Spot can be used in infants as well as adolescents.

  • In-house labs – these labs include urine testing, blood testing and cultures. For our patient’s convenience, we’ve partnered with several labs to provide more comprehensive testing. Specimen collection is done at our facility by our experienced staff, shipped to the lab, and results are faxed back to our office.  This service eliminates the need to go to a testing center.

  • Intravenous Fluid Therapy, Laceration Repair, Foreign Body Removal and other treatments for acute illness. 

  • Pulmonary Function Testing - to help with Asthma diagnosis and management

  • Blood Testing for Allergies and Immunotherapy - We work closely with area Allergists to co-manage both seasonal and food allergies.  We also work with the Allergist to give allergy immunotherapy in our office.

  • Ear Piercing - Infants must be 4 months old and have received 2 Tetanus shots.  Payment for ear piercing is expected at the time of service.

Newborn Care
Comprehensive Care


We offer Telehealth medical visits for appropriate medical care.  

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