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Scheduling an Appointment...

Scheduling An Appointment

Appointments can be scheduled by calling our office at 571-379-4246 or by visiting our patient portal.  We have same-day appointments for most visits, including well-checks.   Please call early in the day to allow us time to appropriately treat your child.   It is also helpful to inform our schedulers of any medical conditions or special circumstances when making the appointment.  This allows us to allot the needed time.


To help our office function as efficiently as possible, we require 24 hours notice to cancel an appointment.  Please let our office know as soon as possible if you are unable to keep your scheduled appointment.  There is a charge for appointments missed without proper notice.


New Patients...

New Patients

Welcome to our new patients and families.  We are excited to meet you.  It is helpful to schedule a well-child check to get to know your child, but we are happy to help when sick as well.  You will need to verify that we participate with your insurance  and change the PCP if needed.  It is helpful to have your child's records sent to our office before their appointment if possible.  We can also request them after you appointment. 


To expedite registration, you may enroll your family in our patient portal and complete all needed registration paperwork before your visit.  This is helpful even for same-day appointments.


To your first appointment, please bring:

 -  A current insurance card

 -  A credit card to place on file with our office

 -  An updated vaccine record and

 -  Any needed paperwork needing completion. 

Telephone Calls

Telephone Calls...

Our knowlegdable clinic staff is here to answer any clinical questions you may have.  During our office hours, calls to our main office number, 571-379-4246, are directed to the clinical staff and clinicians if needed.  Messages are primarily handled through our Klara app.  We typically use Klara to reply to messages as it is easy and convenient.  We can also respond more quickly using the Klara app.  Our clinicians generally return phone calls at the end of the morning clinic session or in the evenings.  Please remember that our priority are the patients in our office.  


You can also send a secure e-mail message to our providers using the Patient Portal.  Providers often return messages during the day between patients if time permits.

If you have an urgent medical issue after our clinic hours, please call our main office number at 571-379-4246.  Follow the prompts to be connected to the on-call provider.  They will determine the best course of action for you and your child.  Please be respectful of our doctors family time and only call for truly urgent matters.




For chronic conditions, we will be more than happy to refill prescriptions. Please contact your pharmacy and ask them to fax us a refill request, or you may leave a prescription refill request using the Klara app or the patient portal.  We will make every effort to refill medications in a timely fashion, but please allow up to three (3) working days for your refill requests. 

Please note that chronic conditions like Asthma and ADHD require routine follow-up care in our office.  If your child is due for their follow-up or preventative care, we may need to schedule these visits prior to refilling prescriptions and can address your medication needs at that time.  This is especially true for ADHD stimulant medications that have special guidelines from the Drug Enforcement Agency regarding their use.  

For the safety of your child, Bristow Pediatrics does not generally phone in antibiotic prescriptions.
If your child is sick enough to require an antibiotic, we highly encourage for he or she to first be examined. 

Lab Tests and Results

Lab Tests & Results...

Test results are communicated with the patient's parent or guardian in the manner they prefer.  Routine test results are sent to the Klara app after reviewed by the clinician.  Results can also be given over the phone or mailed to the patient's primary address.  Some test results may require an office visit so that Dr. Dolan and our team may discuss the results and develop a care plan with you and your child. 

Medical Records

Medical Records...

Medical Records from our office must be requested in writing by a parent or guardian. There is a nominal charge for medical records according to our financial policy . Shot records can be faxed or mailed at parents request at no charge. 

Our office is committed to ensuring patients' privacy and is HIPAA compliant.

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