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Dosing for Tylenol, Motrin &Benadryl 

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ADHD, Autism & Developmental Concerns




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On Facebook:  Mom2Mom Breastfeeding Support


Lactation Consultants:




General Information

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Nutrition & Food Allergies

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Vitamin D

Helpful Articles:

"When Gluten Sensitivity Isn't Celiac Disease" The NY Times 10/6/2014


Vaccines & Immunizations

Center for Disease Control and American Academy of Pediatrics Recommended Vaccine Schedule

Bristow Pediatrics Vaccine Schedule Table

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  • Allied Vaccine Group - Dedicated to presenting valid scientific information about vaccines. 

  • Immunization Action Coalition.  Information about Vaccine preventable disease and their vaccines.  The stories from families that have experienced the diseases are particularly compelling.



Helpful Articles:
"The Trouble with Dr Bob's Alternative Vaccine Schedule" Pediatrics vol 123 Jan. 1 2009
"Aluminum in Vaccines: What You Should Know" Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Vaccine Information Center
"Clear Answers and Smart Advice About Your Baby's Shots" Dr. Ari Brown author of the Expecting, Baby, & Toddler 411