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Anxiety Resources


"Helping Your Anxious Teen: Positive Parenting Strategies to Help Your Teen Beat Anxiety, Stress and Worry" - Sheila Achar Josephs, PhD.



The Journey to  Wild Divine:  techniques in biofeedback using fantasy setting.  Children who like Harry Potter and tThe Lord of the Rings like this game.


For Everyone

Breath 2 Relax:  Teaches deep breathing

Calm:  Meditation to Relax and Focus

Happify:  Helps develop behaviors, developmental skills & positive thinking to improve happiness & life satisfaction

Mandala Coloring Pages:  Coloring exercises to relax or get other emotions out through color and art

Mind Relaxation:  Nature sounds that you can combine yourself to relax

Muji to Relax:  Music that is matched to your mood

Relax Melodies:  Nature, animal, and music sounds that can be combined to create a relaxing mood.

SOSH:  60 screens of information and strategies that help to improve relaxation and social skills.

iZen:  relaxing light that is controlled by you to accompanied music.

For Younger Children

Balloonanimals:  Interactive game to distract the child and promote deep breathing

Calm Kids with Mamphant:  For children ages 3-6 yrs.  Teaches children conscious breathing to help with concentration, relaxation, coping with uncomfortable emotions, and life enjoyment.

Calm Kids:  Guided Meditation:  Meditation 1 for ages 4-6 yrs, 

For School-Aged Children

Calm Counter:  Helps children calm themselves down quickly with visuals and counting backwards

Calm Kids:  Guided Meditation:  Meditation 2 for ages 7-11 yrs. Helps children learn relaxation.  Is used in the UK school System to improve behavior.

Meditation for Children:  customized nature sounds for relaxation worry & anxiety, everyday stress, decrease fidgeting, afraid of the dark, and calm & centered focus

Mindfulness for Children:  Promotes calm and harmony in families by teaching mindfulness to help focus, resilience, and well being.

Sleeping Zone:  Breathing techniques and calming nature sounds to promote relaxation.

Stop, Breathe and Think:  The child picks several words to describe how they are feeling and then recommendations are made for guided meditations based on their feelings.

Taming the Anger Monster:  Helps with emotional regulation for children having trouble with impulsivity, and anger.  Provides 15 techniques to help with anger management.


For Teenagers

At Ease: self-regulation strategies for anxiety and anxious behaviors

Anxiety Free:  I can Hypnosis:  narrated by Donald McKinnon with a pleasing Scottish accent. 

Anti-Stress:  Quotes that put stress in perspective - popular with teens

Be Confident:  I can Be Anything Program:  Helps to adjust mindset by focusing on the here and now and positive thinking as well as relaxation

Booster Buddy:  Helps teens improve mental health by checking in with feelings, use of coping skills, tacking tasks, self-care routines, and increased real life socialization

Headspace:  Guided Meditation

iMood Journal:  helps to track moods, helps the older child or teenager become more in tune with what they are feeling and put names to those feelings.

Mindfulness:  Helps the listener become more present in daily life.

Simple Being:  Guided meditation with music and soundest promote relaxation.

Smiling Mind:  Meditation exercises.  The speakers have Australian and British accents.

The Gratitude:  Guidelines for how to discover what you have to be grateful for.

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