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Anxiety Canada- a great website with lots of information about anxiety and treatment strategies.   Even has home OCD therapy and Cognitive Behavior Training

Childmind Institute - has information and resources about a wide range of mental health topics.

Mental Health Literacy- resources for families and teens

UK National Health System Online Cognitive Behavior Therapy - a great guide to CBT that you and your family can do at home.


"Helping Your Anxious Teen: Positive Parenting Strategies to Help Your Teen Beat Anxiety, Stress and Worry" - Sheila Achar Josephs, PhD.


"Freeing Your Child from Anxiety: Practical Strategies to Overcome Fears, Worries, and Phobias and Be Prepared for Life--From Toddlers to Teens"  Tamar E Chansky

"The Worry Trick: How Your Brain Tricks You into Expecting the Worst and What You Can Do About It"  - David Carbonell PhD and Sally M. Winston PsyD

"My Anxious Mind: A Teen’s Guide to Managing Anxiety and Panic"  -  Michael Tompkins and Katherine Martinez.

"The Upside of Stress: Why Stress Is Good for You, and How to Get Good at It"  - Kelly McGonigal

"Anxious Kids Anxious Parents, 7 Ways to Stop the Worry Cycle and Raise Courageous & Independent Children" -  Reid Wilson, Ph.D and Lynn Lyons, LICSW

"Anxiety -Free Kids"  - Bonnie Zucker

"Worried No More.  Help for Anxious Children"  -  Aureen Wagner

Test Anxiety Booklet - a booklet about overcoming test anxiety


"What to Do When You Worry Too Much: A Kid's Guide to Overcoming Anxiety" (What to Do Guides for Kids) -  Dawn Huebner and Bonnie Matthews

(this is part of a whole "What To Do When..." Series that addresses a wide range of emotions for school-age kids

The Think Confident, Be Confident Workbook for Teens by Leslie Sokol, PhD and Marci Fox, PhD.


The Anxiety Workbook for Teens by Lisa M. Schab, LCSW.

The Relaxation and Stress Reduction Workbook for Teens: CBT Skills to Help You Deal with Worry and Anxiety (An Instant Help Book for Teens)

by Michael A. Tompkins PhD ABPP and Jonathan R. Barkin PsyD


Mindfulness for Teen Anxiety: A Workbook for Overcoming Anxiety at Home, at School, and Everywhere Else by Christopher Willard.

The OCD Workbook: Your Guide to Breaking Free from Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder by Bruce M Hyman PhD LCSW


The Journey to  Wild Divine:  techniques in biofeedback using fantasy setting.  Children who like Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings will like this game.

Mightier - Developed by Boston Children's Hospital and Harvard Medical School.  This is a paid service to help kids learn coping skills through biofeedback.


For Everyone

Insight Timer - a free meditation app for sleep, relaxation and more

Breath 2 Relax:  Teaches deep breathing

Calm:  Meditation to Relax and Focus

Happify:  Helps develop behaviors, developmental skills & positive thinking to improve happiness & life satisfaction

Mandala Coloring Pages:  Coloring exercises to relax or get other emotions out through color and art

Mind Relaxation:  Nature sounds that you can combine yourself to relax

Muji to Relax:  Music that is matched to your mood

Relax Melodies:  Nature, animal, and music sounds that can be combined to create a relaxing mood.

SOSH:  60 screens of information and strategies that help to improve relaxation and social skills.

iZen:  relaxing light that is controlled by you to accompanied music.

For Younger Children

Balloonanimals:  Interactive game to distract the child and promote deep breathing

Calm Kids with Mamphant:  For children ages 3-6 yrs.  Teaches children conscious breathing to help with concentration, relaxation, coping with uncomfortable emotions, and life enjoyment.

Calm Kids:  Guided Meditation:  Meditation 1 for ages 4-6 yrs, 

For School-Aged Children

Calm Counter:  Helps children calm themselves down quickly with visuals and counting backwards

Calm Kids:  Guided Meditation:  Meditation 2 for ages 7-11 yrs. Helps children learn relaxation.  Is used in the UK school System to improve behavior.

Meditation for Children:  customized nature sounds for relaxation worry & anxiety, everyday stress, decrease fidgeting, afraid of the dark, and calm & centered focus

Mindfulness for Children:  Promotes calm and harmony in families by teaching mindfulness to help focus, resilience, and well being.

Sleeping Zone:  Breathing techniques and calming nature sounds to promote relaxation.

Stop, Breathe and Think:  The child picks several words to describe how they are feeling and then recommendations are made for guided meditations based on their feelings.

Taming the Anger Monster:  Helps with emotional regulation for children having trouble with impulsivity, and anger.  Provides 15 techniques to help with anger management.


For Teenagers

At Ease: self-regulation strategies for anxiety and anxious behaviors

Anxiety Free:  I can Hypnosis:  narrated by Donald McKinnon with a pleasing Scottish accent. 

Anti-Stress:  Quotes that put stress in perspective - popular with teens

Be Confident:  I can Be Anything Program:  Helps to adjust mindset by focusing on the here and now and positive thinking as well as relaxation

Booster Buddy:  Helps teens improve mental health by checking in with feelings, use of coping skills, tacking tasks, self-care routines, and increased real life socialization

Headspace:  Guided Meditation

iMood Journal:  helps to track moods, helps the older child or teenager become more in tune with what they are feeling and put names to those feelings.

Mindfulness:  Helps the listener become more present in daily life.

Simple Being:  Guided meditation with music and soundest promote relaxation.

Smiling Mind:  Meditation exercises.  The speakers have Australian and British accents.

The Gratitude:  Guidelines for how to discover what you have to be grateful for.

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